Assume You Know

In everyday of our lives, we have faced challenges to make numerous decisions. But how do we know that decisions that we made yield the best results? For most of people, we made decisions based on what we think we know or we call “assumption”.

Assumption is a thing that is accepted as certain to happen. Normally, people make assumption based on their experience, education, perception, and information. Assumption leads to making decision. But not all decisions people made are the right one. In the business world, when money is a huge factor and is made through making decisions or assumptions from business owners or investors. Businesses need to gather data or information in order to narrow the risk of losing money and make decisions for their businesses. They also need to come up with a future projection through various methods, which are also form of assumptions but they have higher chance to succeed because they use information. Conducting polls or market research are typical methods for businesses to gather information for their projections. For average people, we also do the same, by seeking information through asking friends or family because we need to make sure that our assumption is right. A bad decision can also occur because of false assumption or even we have all information in hand, we still note quite make them right.

There are so many unpredictable factors besides rational, analytical, and information-hungry brains that take accounts into making decisions. For many people, they ignore these factors and decide with their guts then wait for results. Surprisingly, many times, the results show even better than expected.