Manipulation vs Inspiration

There are two ways to influence human behaviors in order to persuade them to do what you need. You can either manipulate it or you can inspire it. Businesses try to influence these behaviors in order to reach their short or long term goals. Typical business manipulation are dropping in price, running a promotion, using fear, peer pressure, aspiration messages, and promising innovation to influence behavior.

These manipulating tools are used through sale and marketing channels. Normally, the short term business goal is to generate sale, and the long term goal is to create customer loyalty which should be the ultimate objective for every business. When loyalty is created, customers are willing to turn down better product or a better price to continue purchasing from the business while short term goal may cause stress and pressure between buyer and seller then business loses its customers.

Manipulation leads to transactions not loyalty. Carrots and sticks are the best idiom to describe these behaviors. It is the best to use when anyone needs to create a single transaction without relationship. If the business looks for long-lasting relationship, manipulations do not help. Even though manipulation seems to be bad for a long term, it has become the norm that is used by various systems. People need to realize that they are being manipulated by the businesses or systems.