I have seen the friendly skies
Jeff Jarvis

Well Jeff, as a United passenger on a recent trip to Shanghai and Taiwan I couldn’t agree with you more. I sat darn near the back for this eleven hour and more saga of human torture. I was treated “ok” and I figure that’s only because I’m not a high maintenance passenger with a lot of needs. I could see first hand the burden of taking care of so many passengers in the eyes of the flight attendants. They were tired, over worked and on edge. I was lucky and glad to get the two meals we received followed by a never ending flow of water. I smiled they smiled. I left them alone and they left me alone. The suite at the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai made up for any perceived mistreatment at the hands of United. In the end they fulfilled their promise of getting to Shanghai. I do miss the days of flying Cathy Pacific with their motto -”Arrive in better shape” Cathy never failed to fulfill this pledge. Yes, United could learn some things to improve upon the flying experience. I’ll see again what happens on my trip to Shanghai next year.