My Experience so far at Andela Boot-camp (Day 3)

Its a big relief coming to the close of day 3 as this has just brought me a step closer to becoming an Andela Fellow or (worst case scenario) a better developer, but without the Andela T-shirt.

Today rounds off the working from home phase of the boot-camp and I am billed to show up for the 2nd self learning clinic tomorrow. I really can’t wait to get there and relate first hand with other folk like myself and with similar dreams.

Its crazy though, how the day went. I experienced first hand the frustration of being Nigerian. Did I hear you guessing??? Well, you are right. I am talking power. I am sure at this point, you are wondering if I grew up somewhere other than this lovely country but then, I didn’t. I also am very much used to the madness we face everyday as regards power, but none has been as annoying as my experience today. I was figuratively ‘locked in chains’ as regards my home labs which I couldn’t start until long after the given deadline. What’s more? I still ended up running it on backup power. Isn’t that just laughable?

But then, I am grateful all the same and don’t even dare mistake it. I am and would continue to be a proud Nigerian.

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