Blogging is easy if you start early!

Blogging is easy if you start early and blog a little everyday!

You can blog about your full time job, your company party…

Every day you don’t write a blog is a day you could have gained a point.

Blogging is like a video game, if you put in the time, you progress.

Not everything is a rock star blog, sometimes you just need to blog about your kid almost hitting himself and other people in the face with a stick.

Typo’s are cool in blogging. It’s all good. It doesn’t matter.

You can blog about your cute dog, tell a story about a fake dog, or a make up tutorial… or this dog who always poops inside…

Maybe you would write about finding correlations in public data sources?

That’s a little techie…

Maybe just about this little man in his little seat.

Write about your kid. Your dreams, your travel, your neighbor who’s loud, or maybe you just want to write about enjoying your job?

Blogging is easy if you start… So start bloggin bro.

The more you write the quicker you will be good, for those really awesome blog posts. But in between, blog about anything you want!

I never started making music in Ableton and made HIT SINGLES every time.

Nope, it sucked and I sounded absolutely terrible for nearly ten years.

Now the music is tolerable and I own a free loop and sample company ranking in 80+ countries.

Plus a digital marketing company.

Bro you not blogging yet? Medium is free!

Blogging is easy enough for me to work from home and be with this kid every day of his life. Now I’m off to work in an office because he is loud as F. I finally understand why people go to the office. Anyways, he’s usually great, little teeth coming in keep him pretty vocal.

You can start blogging now.

There is a fear associated to blogging and starting something new, it’s the fear of failure. I’m here to say you do not need to be good to start blogging and blogging is key to ranking on any Google Search.

So get started.

The more real it is, the more people will read your twisted tales.

Here’s my wife and I chatting, my goal was to see how she felt about blogging.

I asked her, what would you like to journal about, she had a great answer. Then I said, “say it again in the microphone.”

Hey babe, take the leap, start blogging! Try this on your own. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Here’s my wife and I talking about getting started blogging.

My wife has had an amazing past few years and I always do my best to get her started, even though I can show her the value, the data, etc…

It’s hard to get started blogging if you can’t get past the fear of the unknown, failure, not being the best, it not being perfect, etc…
BTW: “voice to text.” it’s easier than typing usually, always.

Isabelle — I want to write my journals in there.

Tyler-What kind of journal would you have?

Isabelle-In the daily struggles and be raw and honest and brutal in therapeutic for myself and for others having some and now I’m in the middle confidence

Tyler-voice to text sucks. Come again?

Isabelle -I guess you know

Tyler- it’s OK to talk… Try again

Isabelle-You know it’s just a just struggle being a stay at home mom I’m just kidding that’s that’s I mean I’m not kidding but babe I just can’t do this with you watching me I think I need to feel little more elevated yeah it is very nice to see what I’m saying it’s very therapeutic day I’m sweating a lot doing this I’m hot.

Tyler-does it make sense how I felt? Why do you think you are sweating?

Isabelle-i’m sweating because I’m nervous because I feel I feel like I’m on stage right now prepared

Tyler-that is the beauty of art, you do not need to be prepared, it’s okay to be nervous, thank you for the kiss Andoni, Because you have been trained to prepare for everything, and a type of PTSD from going to school and whenever you needed to type or generate a document it was school related or work related, with blogging there is no deadline,

Isabelle-if you publish this I will you…

Voice to text did not capture “beat you.”