My story about Uninstalling python 3.7 — Pip Uninstall Python -lol -stop

Uninstalling Python 3.7 is not complicated. There are too many complicated methods to uninstalling python, and let me set the record, pip uninstall python doesn’t work.

If you’re new — I’d recommend using pycharm, to avoid this problem again, but you’re a rebel, an independent thinker, and enjoy having that long face, trying to google uninstall “software language here.”

Cheer up.

Maybe you’re trying to find that “poop on python story” that teaches you your language is better. Well I’m not that smart — to complain about a programming language, that would require mastery, and I’ve yet to meet a master of any programming language.

I made this blog because people are trying to uninstall python 3.7 — because it’s not doing what they need. And it’s likely due to installing the most advanced version…

I love being utterly garbage at python, blog about it with a lot of success, and I actively use it every day… Python rocks, you need it in your life, be sure to download 2.7 because it’s likely all you need.

Here’s my pathetic developer story — to help you uninstall your pathetic python 3.7 implementation…

Or you’re of the persona that just needs help, my bad. 
Open the installer again noob.

Did you try pip uninstall python… and you don’t know what to type there anyways, so let’s keep it simple!

Me too, I’m incredibly shitty at python. And luckily I wrote this to help you be less shitty at python, woohoo.

  1. Open your installer you downloaded off of python’s website.
  2. You broke something, didn’t you?
  3. Run the installer again.
  4. Uninstall

If you open the python 3.7 installer again, it will prompt you to uninstall, and I recommend you take this slap on the wrist with pride!

You’re a programmer now.

pip uninstall python anything is not a good usage of time, use the installer, open it again, click uninstall, win. win. win.

If you’re like me you’re probably spinning your wheels making pip installs work, or not work.

Or making up fake syntax that doesn’t do shit. You wanted to uninstall python and here you are reading some strangers blog, yet I told you the solution above.

You’re simply procrastinating…

The uninstaller is in the installer? Huh?

Good work dude.

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