Pip install on python2 break python3? Here’s a solution to pip install version problems.

I rushed ahead, broke shit, here’s the explanation…If you kick your python off in your CMD or terminal, you will want to see if what you are pip installing is working.

Pip install on python2 will not send the pip installs magically to python3, you have to specify it or clean up your path variables, but because this is a user friendly guide, lets dive in to the basics.

No module named ‘requests’
I was noticing python3 did not have requests but python has requests… And that is the older version…

Probably because we didn’t install the right shit in the right place.

Open a terminal of some sort, type python3.

Python starts, you can do your 2+2, hit enter, get 4, etc.

Type “import requests”

we test the other verison of python on the mac, and see requests did install in the 2.7.10 python area.

If you get an error when doing import requests, it’s because you didn’t pip to the right version of python… Try and get through these advanced mumbles if you like. Or do what I did below.

It’s double dash then user below, medium optimizes.

python3 -m pip install requests — -user

python3 -m pip install requests — user

HEY, check it out, we now have import requests working on both versions of python.