I want to show you how you will make $20 dollars off of me right now.

xml file business intel-jinkies.

The XML changes all the time

I’m the lazy person you think is not smart & I agree.

Be smart enough to make $20 bucks off me right now, or in the near future.

I’m not that smart.

I learned to abuse LinkedIn to help me increase job opportunities.

At the peak of the chart, I landed a huge job, and all I did was click connect on a few thousand people. Driving more traffic to my LinkedIn, which generates more opportunities. I automated clicking connect… Nothing crazy. Just a simple solution to a boring problem.

Again, I’m not smart, I automated clicking 1 button… That’s not smart.

It took me 32 years to realize it’s okay automate 1 click.

What’s smart is what it provided me in a short period of time.

And what I’m going to explain below will provide people instant next steps while using any product or application. It will auto predict next steps.


Lots of products build XML, allowing you to quickly automate. Support. Remediate. But these are all unsupported by every company, jinkies!

Yes… In business intelligence, you’re live editing code, simply by using the product. RIGHT!?

Smart person looking to make a better app?

Scroll past this first section and steal my idea. No, I don’t want to post this in your idea forum, I rather build the app and sell it for free, and let you look like the goofs who can’t build a simple solution 🙀.

You’re an XML expert and you don’t even know how to code. No big deal.

Yes that’s correct, you’re an xml expert when you use products like Tableau, or any application that saves files on your computer.

The product, like tableau, efficiently builds Xml as your backend code, and you can edit that stuff all you want.

Find and replace, heck.. you can automate the entire darn process!

Tableau formatting example: 
Change the hex color you used across your massive Tableau Workbook?

Or do you want to automate fixing it because you know to “find and replace.” (Ctrl+H in app called brackets, opens find and replace, so you don’t need to be cool and build an app)

But why should you care about the code stored in your computer?

Why should we try to solve using this code?

Shouldn’t we solve in the product?…

Do you need to worry about boring stuff like doing the same thing in a product?

Maybe you will when you’re to the point that you start to hate the product…

What’s the point in learning the basics of code, you’re already an xml building expert, why learn xml, especially if you can drag and drop in a GUI application. 😹

But where is that happening and where is the XML file while I’m using this XML file? What? Who cares about xml!!!

When you advance your skill tree to a certain point, you get to hack into your solutions, or others solutions, and automate the badness into a form of sexy goodness.

But again, Who cares about xml!!

Above my pay grade, too complex, too hard…

But I got you thinking about your little business intelligence tool…

Or any applications that builds a file…

Yep, a stupid xml file! Every click you put into your music software, your BI software, or whatever. That stupid xml file is growing, shrinking, and keeping track of all your silly 😜 clicks.

But where is the Xml file located? It’s on your computer somewhere. Similar to your excel file… it’s a data file with code you left in it… by making changes

So not that hard to find… local apps make local files.

We could search for it… but we know where it is at this point, right?

Build yourself an automated notification tool.

If youre an app dev… please help us.

Offer users live feedback because we are pretty close to making it ourselves at this point… just to avoid the hassle of what every advanced software engineer or application guru needs to do every single day.

Sure, let’s talk about UI automation,… *giggles*

Consider world population 7,664,917,000!

7,664,917,000*.00001=76,649 people roughly give a shit about UI automation. ONLY 302 stars on github… So niche…

So most of my 76,649 friends are clicking away like crazy…

76,649 * $20 = $1,532,980 money you will earn when you make this and sell it to me.

(World population… it increased roughly 3k since I got the value last)

Maybe .00001% care about automating their app…

Not going to be a rockstar like this…

That’s a select few people, who know about

  1. auto hot key — sorta hard to learn, google pulover macro creator (windows)

2. python UI automation- need to be a developer or ready to learn it… i think it’s easy and i’m not very good :)

3. powershell, and yes you can just google that yourself. 
People call it POSH for short, sometimes.

Okay so you’re doing Business intelligence and you have an XML file and that means you can automate stuff

If I do the exact same movement in an application 2,3,4,5,6,7,8…

When does this iteration end from a desktop application usage perspective?

When will this app be smart enough to look at the XML…

Nothing crazy, and say,

WOW he’s doing the same stupid thing over and over,

what an idiot… Let’s recommend it to him. We can draw between the lines.

The XML is perfect for these applications.

Then that gives me +1 notification.

You feel me so far?

add me on twitter, i say the dumbest stuff there.
You feel me mr 8bit jinkies!?!!!!!

Great, I feel me and I’m just typing away here blah blah blah.

Ctl+R or whatever key you want opens notifications.

Hit the same stupid button again… ctl+R

BOOM and it runs that notification with +1 RECOMMENDATION!

I’m simply aiming at…

Sometimes users need to do 30 things 30 times and we don’t want to have to repeat that process, we make applications to use your application in advanced phases. We need UI automation tools built in or you need to build this solution because I don’t want to support it and you got smart developers willing to dig in to this.. but i’m going to talk about it like it’s really simple.

Because maybe it needs to be.

This is a request for any application developer to perk up and grab a free idea.

I don’t want to support aiming an app at an xml file and I could even query the file, lets keep it simple. Light weight, a script. Sure why not.

I’m going to query XML, over and over, because the XML is the file in most instances of every BI product.

So, if I do the same thing because it looks cool when I do that same thing 30 times, for whatever reason I’m doing that… I will scrape the xml. Notice only 3 things are changing. Now im the app talking back to the user… Wow tyler is so bad at this application. He’s doing the same thing 2,3,4,5,6, can you jump on this XML change and hammer me a recommendation that gives me a swift next step? I dont care about your phone home data. This is called like… Front end give me break application.com express boat to letting me wrap up my work faster.

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