{zomg} Doing basic math in Python, or jump in and do HTTPS requests — mac users. #imnotadeveloper

Tyler Garrett
Jul 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Python is finally moving a bit now, I’ve been blogging about this randomly from both PC and MAC… Finally made some space learning how to get to python in terminal, it’s not hard, I explain at the bottom, don’t get distracted by my failures in the middle portion of this blog!

Here’s a git step by step that might work too (testing it now). Want to quickly get into HTML? Check out this too.

Are you a PC user? Go here…

Want to jump ahead quickly?

I found a video about quickly installing a few things in your terminal app. You can google what the terminal app is on your mac.

The video helps a bit, lots to understand underneath the hood but it works and got me pretty far, check this out below.

A couple errors, a few lines of code, boom we got html data from cnn.

My first few hours using python… hectic, the screenshot above shares an interesting story of possibilities online… here’s the cool stuff.

Here’s the cool story bro.

Websites are full of HTML, data, information, but without knowing how to request the data, parse html, and make it consumable… what’s the point? DO we become endless consumers — clicking everything — or do we start automating research and automating answers to complex questions.

People buy and sell data… If you have a lot of data, you can sell it for a lot of money… All you need to do is open….

Open terminal…

For anyone who knows python, this is the most remedial topic, 101, basic, but for anyone who doesn’t know python…

Imagine scraping all your competitors websites, grabbing their prices, and automatically making changes to your business based on their improvements, changes, etc.

Will share all the apps I build with anyone who wants it.

The end of this app will be hunting and finding its own digital outliers on Google ranking. Will share more, as I learn.

IF you’re interested in learning python, I started blogging about it, PM me.

Hectic… Will troubleshoot this and figure out the best way to set it all up… The video took me pretty far but there seems to be some discrepancy on what version of python I’m using.

Open terminal on your mac.

  1. open terminal.

2. In terminal, you can type “python” and it opens python…

3. type “2+2”

4. Hit enter.

5. Hit enter… cool you can space it out…

Python 2.7.10 is an old version, it’s at python 3.7 now…

Type exit() to get back to your regular stuff…

You just did math in Python.

By now, you have an idea of a few paths to go. Here are a few links to help you potentially get there quicker.

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