You Are GETTING Into A Moment Of Transition In Your LIFE.

Your Time Is Limited, So Don't WASTE It Living SOMEONE Else's Life.

Don't Be Trapped By Dogmatic Which Is Living With The Results Of Other People's Thinking.

Don't Let The Noise Of Others' Opinions Drown Out Ur Own Inner Voice.

And Most Important, Have The Courage To Follow Ur ❤️ HEART And Intuition.

Some Of Us Want To Be There For Their Own Happiness. Some Young People Are Not Ready To Change Their Mentality.

The FACT That We Are Still BREATHING Is A Great Proof How GOD Blesses Us More Than We DESERVE.

Whoever Is DATING My Future Wife Please Just Have SEX With Her Twice A Year.

When You Read Or Hear About People Through The News Media, It's Possible For You To Have All Kinds Of Ideas About Them.

But It's Important You Don't Form Opinions About Others Based On What You Read Or Heard About Them In The News.

In Many Societies Today, It's Easy To Find Negative News Published About The Leaders Because They Are Always In The Spotlight. But Not Everything Written About Them Is TRUE.


It'z Chrisdiligent🇬🇭🇳🇬

Writer Of Motivation Quote. Humble And Well-respected. Working At (N.P.A) PH City. @Manutd|#Bitcoin|Fashion Designer. More Blessings Is Coming Up.🙏 #AbleGod

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