A UX Case Study: Building reputation between Landlords & Tenants

The problem

The Goals

  • For tenants: Finding them a place to live and build their reputation.
  • For the landlords: Finding them a good tenant, and also to get credibility.
  • To create a platform where tenants and landlords can build their reputation, be seen as good people with more supporting documents besides recommendations.
  • Bring a social feel to the rental industry, a community that everyday renters and tenants can utilize.
  • A tool that will be accesible to everyone, firstly starting with Canada.



  1. What do we need to learn?
  2. What do we know already?
  3. Who do we need to learn from?
  4. How do we reach these people?


Affinity Diagrams

Key Findings



User Personas

Landlord User Persona
Tenant User Persona

Minimum Viable Product

Matrix to determine MVP features

Competitive/Comparative Analysis

Competitive/Comparative Analysis


Landlord Scenario

Tenant Scenario

User Flows

Collaborative user flows on whiteboard
Landlord User Flow
Tenant User Flow

Design & testing


Design Studio

Two cycles of Design Studio sketches for ‘Property Screen’ by 2 different designers

Paper Prototype Testing

Cut them out and arranged the screens in order before testing
One of the testing sessions


2 iterations (changes ) of the same ‘Tenant Profile’ screen


From a paper sketch to wireframe to final design (left to right)

Building Prototype

InVision Prototype Testing

Future Considerations

  • Tenant & landlord profile reviewing/commenting.
  • Pay your rent through the app.
  • Landlords having to pay to use the app.
  • Smart watch & VR capabilities.
  • Implementing the star rating system for the properties as well.



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