A UX Case Study: Connecting Business to Business in the Skilled Trades Field

Pre-Meeting Preparation

  • What is your company’s current presence?
  • How is currently working or not working to fulfill your needs or goals?
  • What is the scope of this project?
  • Where and how would you see this project being used?
  • What is the reach of this project? (BC, Canada, USA, etc.)
  • What are some of the limitations you’re aware of for this project?
  • How would you measure the success of this project?
  • Why did you decide to pursue a mobile app first? Why on iOS?
  • What will be the relationship between the app and the website?
  • What are your brand values?
  • Tell us more about the name, and how did it come about?
  • Tell us about your logo?
  • Tell us about the slogan and what does it mean?
  • How do you want people to feel when they are using your website and apps?
  • How did you choose the visual colours that your brand carries? And why?
  • What companies do you take inspiration from?

The Client Interview

  • The top navigation bar (View image below)
  • The contact page (which is unexpected to find inside a “More” button, it should be easier to pinpoint)
Top nav nar and the Contact page not intuitive to find inside the More button
  • The features page, specifically the layout is not working, there is a lot of space in between the text and pictures.
Feature page screenshot
  • The customer types pages, we could remove them.
  • Not all everything should be iPhone examples because the app will also be available for Android.

The Problem

Website Goals


  • Increase LincEdge credibility.
  • One way is adding testimonials.
  • Better written content clearly indicating the product offered is an app
  • The user should see the value offered immediately.
  • The user should feel convinced to download the app.
  • Give user enough information to make a decision right there or to contact the company.
  • Conversion of clients through the contact form. And it would be nice to have a registration/sign up form in the future.


  • A blog to write industry related articles with advice and tips drawn from her expertise.
  • Also, have a forum to answer doubts from people. Encourage them to share their story.

Discovery of Company Mindset/Brand

Area of reach and Timeline


We used IDEO method cards to gather other methods to do research

Customer Journeys

  1. What do you think this website is about?
Home Page before the redesign
Middle line shows neutral feelings, while the + and the - map out the positive and negative emotions.

Google Analytics

Snippet of Page Views in Google Analytics
Age and gender metrics from LincEdge Google Analytics


Affinity Diagram

Key findings

  • The website’s lack of authenticity
  • Devices they use
  • Their pain points
  • About the environment they work in
  • Their methods of communication

User Personas

Scenario & Storyboard

Company Owner Scenario

Storyboard created to paint a better picture of the scenario described above

User Flow

  1. User request to beta version of the app, or
  2. User subscribes for email notifications.
User flow with 1 entry point and 2 exit points marked with turquoise color.

Site Map

New Site Map


Design Studio

Home page sketches by different designers
About page sketches by different designers

Individual Sketching

More sketches

Paper Prototype


Low-fidelity Testing

A/B Testing

Example of A/B testing for the Contact page form


Mid-fidelity Wireframes

Building the Prototype

Mid-Fidelity Testing

Hi-Fidelity Design

Example of the design the UIers made in the About page
One screen from low-fi (paper) to hi-fi (digital)


Future Considerations

Future considerations from as suggested by the UX and the UI sides.




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