Getting Started With A Career in Digital Marketing in 2020.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing by Mohammed Faizan N

Trying to start a career in Digital Marketing? But don’t know how?

Have you applied for multiple courses and are still confused about how to move forward?

You could be in 3 situations:
a) You lost your job and you realized or someone recommended digital marketing, saying that it has a good scope moving forward and you want to give it a try.

b) Your current job doesn't give you the same amount of satisfaction as it used to and you want to change career paths and move into the digital marketing domain because it seems to be the “buzz” word.

c) You realized creating content, marketing it or ideating innovative marketing strategies is where your true passion lies.

Or could be a personal choice or some other circumstances as well.

But you’ve ideally reached a point where you have made a decision to take up a career in digital marketing.

Now that you’ve decided digital marketing is what you want to do, you’re probably asking the same question I asked myself many years ago

“Where do I get started?”

You’ve probably done some research or have taken up a course online on websites like but you’re still lost.

Or you’ve figured out the basic terminologies such as SEO, Social media marketing or PPC but have no idea what to take up or how it actually works.

Well, your search stops here because I am going to answer almost all your questions in the easiest way possible on the following link: Digital Marketing Made Simple and here’s a set of important terms to help you get started

Feel free to ask away any questions in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Let’s create more simplified content to help you learn, understand and succeed as a digital marketer.

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