T20 is Not for Gentlemen

There is a lot of controversy around Dhoni’s action of entering the field and arguing with the umpires about the no-ball decision. I feel what Dhoni did was not only right but also required given the circumstances. Let me try to reason myself.

The Gentlemen’s Game

Cricket is definitely a Gentlemen’s game. But T20 is not. This is an unforgiving format where the victories and defeats are decided in inches and not miles. The game could change upside down in as less as a minute. In a test or an ODI game, a no-ball is just additional runs. But in T20 its the difference between win and loss.

The Gods

“Umpire’s decision is final” say people. The problem is Umpires are also humans and are prone to mistakes that every human commits. With all the technology in hand, still adament on the umpire’s deicison is like living in the stone age. Even football, a game where Refree has a great influence, now adopted techonology with Goal Assist and VAR. That said, Cricket has gone great heights with DRS and giving the on-field umpires the power to get the help of replay whenever they are in doubt.

Screengrab from iplt20.com / BCCI

Even if, for the sake of arguement, I agree umpire is the ultimate authority — that ultimate authority called it a No Ball before calling it not a No Ball (whatever!). The reason why umpires call a no ball even when the ball is in play is that the batsmen can take informed decisions based on that. So, here the umpire gives no ball. Batsmen decided for a 2, and when they complete the 2nd run, umpire says it isn’t a no ball. How is that justified?

To Sit and Wait?

Dhoni always had an option to sit and wait and let all his emotions out after the game in a post match presser. What’s the use? This isn’t the first such occurence. RCB was robbed of a victory in a very similar fashion and Kohli did exactly that — vent out his anger post match. Anything changed?

There are rules in every game. A game is best enjoyed, played and loved only because of that rules. If rules are bent at the wish of the person on field, it would only mean the sport as a whole is being destroyed.

When you see such a thing happening before your eyes, you question them. And that’s exactly what Dhoni did.

Yes, Dhoni will be sanctioned and CSK will be cut slack in the fair play points. But that’s a small price to pay for a better Umpiring, better IPL and better Cricket.