Forget the Kiki Challenge! Its MoMo Time !!

A warning to local parents , friends , brothers and sister about the 
Momo Suicide Challenge ” ! 
A short article on how one get affected , how one can prevent against this and much more . — Keep on Reading..

What do you already know ?

Most of you might have heard about Blue whale [1] Game which has hit the internet in mid 2016’s . It consisting of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period, initially innocuous before introducing elements of self-harm and the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide . Momo challenge is exactly similar to it .

By the way , What is Momo ?

This one ?

Chicken Momos

looks yummy , but this is n’t what we are talking about .


Oh yeah… This is our Momo !

Momo is the name of creepy doll , designed by Japanese doll designer Midori Hayashi.He had created the doll for his personal collection.Momo is not a real person but a grotesque image of a woman with bulging eyes and disoriented features. It is a picture of a woman with bulging eyes, straggly black hair and lips pulled back into a rictus, to attract potential victims. The woman looks at once unsettling, frightening and fills you with a sense of foreboding. This image is used to challenge people .

Whether any suicide or cases reported ? Momo Challenge !

Now you know what is Momo , lets get started into deep .It is a new unsettling game spreading on the social media platforms. Called the ‘Momo Challenge’, the so-called game is being linked to the death of a 12-year old girl in Buenos Aires,Argentina. The girl walked to her backyard and hanged herself from a tree. The video of the incident was found on her phone; she had filmed everything. This, the Buenos Aires police believe, was no ordinary suicide. The child had not acted out of her own volition.

What is Momo Challenge ? How you get affected ?

The Momo game refers to an online challenge that had apparently started on Facebook ,for which an avatar of a grotesque woman is being used . However now it is now spreading in WhatsApp .

Participants are told or rather ‘challenged’ to contact Momo. The way they do that is by adding an unknown number to their contacts’. Then they begin sending messages to Momo on WhatsApp. The numbers are mostly US based .

And so it begins. Users are hounded by frightening images and violent messages which end with Momo urging them to harm or kill themselves. A sick mind behind the Challenge floods these susceptible youngsters, mostly in their teens, with thoughts of death and dying, followed up with threats, if the ‘player’ refuses to follow the ‘orders’.

How can one prevent against this challenge ?

This challenge is not very harmful in nature as it basically target and challenge intellectual thinking unlike other Ransomeware[2] , malicious softwares . There are basically 3 steps to prevent spreading of this challenge

Step1 : Educate People .
Step 2 : Educate People.
Step 3 : Educate People.

However, following steps tells how could one combat the Momo Challenge

  • Educate People , spread this article . Let no-one fall in love with Momo
  • Do not respond to unknown numbers , especially US based numbers starting in +112 , +115 etc .
  • Do not save the contact of Momo in your phone
  • Do not share any personal details .
  • Turn off automatic downloading feature of Images , Videos , Audio and Files in WhatsApp and other social media .
  • It is best to safeguard your kids and have an open conversation with them
  • As parents pay close attention to kids and monitor the online activity and keep them informed .

Prevention is better than cure .

Got a message from Momo . What to do now ?

It is likely that people might have got a message from Momo . It is spreading .

Dont panic . Simply do not attempt any challenges which Momo tells you to do. The first being asking you to save the number or asking you to share the contact details of your friends . This way you can prevent spreading of Momo challenge .

Secondly just block the number . Do not worry Momo is not going to hack your phone unless and until you accidentally download any photos or files sent by Momo . Remeber Momo have your number so it is most likely he may message from other number if you block one number . Do not panic just block this number as well .

If you are good in intellectual thinking and sarcasm you can even tease Momo and frustrate him .

Who is behind the Momo Suicide Challenge?

Individual ? A group of people ? Who knows ! No reports on media about this. This could be anyone . Even you can prank your friends imitating yourself being Momo . I will get into this too.

Has Momo Challenge reached India?

The answer is yes . It is spreading like anything . It has affected many part of the world including India . It is being reported in Kerala too . Cyberdome , Police , troll creators , everyone startted educating people to not to spread this challenge .

How can you become a Momo ?

Remember this is a crime . Do not imitate

Oh yeah..! This is the most fascinating part of this article . Well this is a serious spoiler , I believe that no knowledge is forbidden . So , here I go.

There are many apps available in Playstore which let you create a US based numbers . These are genuine numbers with which one could create WhatsApp accounts

There are various other apps are also available to create fake numbers . These numbers will be valid for few days until one buy a premium membership in the app .