Iron tales

Art — K,Kanehira. Source: Pinterest

“We’ve built a world where the only option is hubris. Where the future belongs to anyone willing to act like the gods of our myths.” — Seth Godin

When we strip away self-doubt and artifice we embrace the purity and freedom to feel and write as gods would do.
It is about running and battling with the beauty and the naïveté of the world at our side.
Freedom means courage…
Purity means courage…
Naïveté means courage…
Courage to strip away your soul and let it bloom before Spring is climbing up the trees.

Lately I have become part of a…

Art — Brad Kunkle — ”The moon room”. Source: Pinterest

Vicariously sailing

Photo by the author

There are countless lures in our lives or it may be that our lives are made of lures. Mine is the sea. I hear its song all over the year and like Ulysses’ sailors I am not wise enough to deafen my ears. I am trapped into its blue.

I feel united with its fathomless secrets and I read through its colours the words that failingly guard my small bits of happiness.

The sea is a distant dominion. Its waves break the silence of the memories unspoken but so solemnly remembered in the whirlwind of screaming sea birds blown away…

Art — Alphonse Mucha. Source: Pinterest

Daunted in the arms of dead hours

Horrendous dreaming

Art — Andrew Ferez. Source: Pinterest

What are you after?
Money… Success… Fame…Happiness…Dreams…Love…

We are all after money. Whomever cares not about the money has always had it, consequently has no pattern in measuring having or not having it…

Success is in our blood…The difference between success and failure is vision. “When a man is in doubt about this or that in his writing, it will often guide him if he asks himself how it will tell a hundred years hence.”- Samuel Butler

What problems do your dreams solve? What problems will they solve in 15 years-time?

“Man has always been half-monster, half-dreamer.” — Ray Bradbury

Edwin Howland Blashfield — Spring scattering stars. Source: Pinterest

Library of Scent

Lunarian drudge

Art by Inma Gonzales Vazquez. Source: Pinterest

“Who are you, Martin Eden? he demanded of himself in the looking-glass, that night when he got back to his room. He gazed at himself long and curiously. Who are you? What are you? Where do you belong?” — Jack London (Martin Eden)

You belong with the legions of toil that must grub in the dirt for the sixpence. You belong with the legions that dare lift their eyes to contemplate the moon to substitute food for the dance of imagination. You belong with the vulgar and with the spirited being what carries the tinge of heaven in a smile.

Iulia Halatz

"We should take power and strength from our stories.” Co-author of The Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I.

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