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We are living in remarkable times. We can make pictures of places and people we like by pressing a button on our phones; shop from our homes for literally anything from needles to cars; reach hundreds of thousands of people through social and blogging platforms, and consume information on any topic in any volume at any time of the day.

For a person from 30 years ago it might sound very futuristic. For us it’s just how things are. Common sense.

But all that comes at a price. And that price is our privacy.

Why stay private?

I am a law-abiding citizen, I have nothing to hide. …

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Today is the day. The day that feels so unreal and distant, that you don’t even think about it.

Until you turn 29. Then, on that day, you realize the next year you’ll be 30.

I should say that it feels better than I expected though. Some people experience the middle age crisis and feel terrible — but I think (and hope) that I have already overcame it earlier.

Anyway, how much time is 30 years? Enough to learn some lessons, make mistakes, go through some challenges and achieve something in life.

While approaching this date, I put together a list of lessons that I have learned throughout these 30 years analyzed in retrospective. What I got is a mix of ideas backed up by science, psychology and personal experience that guide me throughout life. …

Choosing books sometimes is hard. There are so many things that interest us in books, and at the same time there are things that can turn a compelling plot into a waste of time.

At BookVoyager, we experiment with different ways to look at books, one of which is seeing a book through sentiment lenses. And when the book is quite popular, it is especially interesting to analyze it from a new angle.

One of the most popular book is Bible, so we couldn’t bypass it:

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Iulian Gulea

Web Developer. Entrepreneur. Love technology, psychology, almonds and good music.

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