Roots are important

You should always remember your inception. It doesn’t matter if we talk about the place you were born, your first job or the people who were close to you when you were a nobody.

There’s nothing more pitiful than a “great” person who forgets what he truly is. A CEO that has forgotten that once he was too merely a desk in an open space office, a number in the Human Resources Department’s statistics or a very small piece of the greater mechanism that is a company. Leaders should never forget that the institutions they lead are made of tiny bricks called “employees” and that a house without a strong foundation always sinks.

This rule of remembrance doesn’t apply only on a professional level. As long as you won’t forget your roots you’ll be a good person.

Remember your start so that you can better envision your finish.

Learn to appreciate people for what they are and not for who they are.

Value is not given by your bank account, your degrees or the title on your business card.

Santa: Do you know why I only eat roots?
Jep Gambardella: No, why?
Santa: Because roots are important.

— La Grande Bellezza

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