We need a new technology driver

First there was the need for food, with it, later came the need for land. It’s in our blood, it always was. We fought for territories, for land and geographical supremacy. Starting with the smallest nobleman and ending with entire nations.

From this fight for supremacy and power we developed the need for better weapons, so we started to develop new technologies. For centuries the technological advancements were driven by military developments.

Now we need a new project. We need to concentrate our common efforts in a new direction. We need a new technology driver.

Will it be to conquer Space, to eradicate famine and poverty or to get rid of disease?

Or will it be all of them?

One thing is sure: war is obsolete. It has become the habit of small people with large egos. It does not represent the will of a nation anymore. Nations themselves are obsolete. It’s time to start thinking as one nation, one people.

It’s the only way we can go further and not back.

It’s the key to evolution.

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