IUNGO and Mysterium Network to integrate their decentralized global WiFi and VPN Networks

IUNGO is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with Mysterium Network to be the first 3rd party add-on in the IUNGO application ecosystem. It will enable IUNGO WiFi users not only to access the internet anywhere in the world but will also make the connection completely anonymous.

Currently internet traffic is monitored by governments. Each and everyone who accesses the web is being watched directly or indirectly. There is an increasing number of cases where such intense control of online activity brings negative consequences and limits people’s personal freedom.

The IUNGO team’s manifesto is that fast, secure, affordable, censorship free internet access, free from any centralized authority is a basic human right. Looking from this perspective, cooperation with Mysterium Network makes perfect sense. Today, the daily internet activity and habits of every user are consolidated and sold to advertisers and basically any willing buyer. Such transactions occur with little to no conscious consent of the users and with a complete disregard for any notion of personal privacy. Today there is still a lack of investment given to the research, implementation and maintenance of tools capable of restoring privacy of the internet users.

These circumstances create the necessity for the creation of protective measures designed to preserve the open and unobstructed nature of the internet. IUNGO’s business model is literally perfect for adapting the technology Mysterium Network is creating. It will combine the IUNGO team’s know-how of decentralized network communications together with blockchain based VPN services.

The synergy of both might just be another brilliant example of how human rights deserve to be treated — with anonymity and respect.