IUNGO at the Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich, Switzerland

Senior Blockchain Advisor Dylan Sharkey represented IUNGO as a VIP guest at the leading Blockchain event in Zurich, Switzerland on Friday. Please see his report below:

Hey there IUNGO community. I am just back in Dubai after The Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit which was held at the stunningly beautiful Dolder Grand Hotel (no they didn’t let me stay there!).

My personal highlights of this prestigious event included the discussion panel with Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and former Tezos Chairman Johan Gevers. I am sure you all know the story of the controversial battle between Johan and the Tezos founders, so it was interesting to hear the other side of the story. It was very cool to meet Prince Michael and I am impressed with how open the tiny (but extremely wealthy) country is to Blockchain and Crypto — I can see Liechtenstein becoming a hub for the industry like Singapore, Estonia and of course the original Crypto Valley: Zug.

There was some seriously wealthy Swiss investors, Venture Capitalists, and more traditional Finance people there and a surprising number of rich Russians. I had several interesting discussions with Swiss investors and Blockchain executives who are excited about what we are building at IUNGO especially on the infrastructure side.

Although I was not headlining any of the talks I used every opportunity to get onto stage or grab the mike to promote IUNGO. My philosophy at these events is it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I will do the same at the Dubai, Vilnius and hopefully Berlin events.

One major take away from Switzerland? It’s a beautiful country but the internet sucks! Data roaming is extremely expensive and free WiFi is either non-existant or impossible to connect to. Even at the event the event hotel WiFi took a good 10 mins to register and log into and kept dropping off. In my view, Switzerland could be an ideal location for an IUNGO Blockchain based universal WiFi roll out as they are one of the most crypto friendly countries on earth. We will follow up with Swisscom Blockchain who were at the event — a subsidiary of the major Telco Swisscom.

March will be busy for me as I have just landed back on Dubai to represent IUNGO and my other Advisory portfolio companies at the Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit on the 19th March, then on to Vilnius on the 24th March for d10e event where I will be sharing the stage with the legendary Brock Pierce from Blockchain Capital LLC. I look forward to get Brock’s advice on how we can accelerate the global roll out of IUNGO.

As you can see it’s a very exciting time for IUNGO and we are fortunate to have access to the leading global Blockchain events like this one in Switzerland and influencers like Brock!

Stay tuned: Dubai report from the BII Summit coming next week!

Thank you Dylan!