IUNGO ICO participants, start claiming your ING tokens NOW!

IUNGO token — ING

IUNGO has just started delivering ING tokens to all ICO investors. The instructions on how to claim tokens to your MyEtherWallet are below. Please follow the instructions:

  1. Go to www.myetherwallet.com.
  2. Click on the “View Wallet Info” tab
myetherwallet — View Wallet Info

3. Click “Add Custom Token” on the right hand side under “token balances”

4. Enter the contract address, the number of decimals, and the token symbol.

  • Smart contract address: 0x24dDFf6D8B8a42d835af3b440De91f3386554Aa4
  • Symbol: ING
  • Decimals: 18
myetherwallet — Add Custom Token

5. Click “Save”

You now have your the tokens that were sent your MyEtherWallet!

Please note: IUNGO tokens are locked until the ICO ends, 2018 January 31.

These general instructions apply to all Ethereum based tokens and wallets (ERC-20 tokens and wallets). The steps are slightly different for each wallet. The key is having an ERC-20 wallet, having tokens sent to you, and then denoting the contract address, the number of decimals, and token symbol (so your tokens can display).

This is list of compatible ERC-20 wallet list, please choose one of those: