Net Neutrality: Can IUNGO succeed where Pied Piper Failed?

The Pied Piper team — photo credit HBO

At IUNGO we believe that universal, affordable internet access is a basic human right from the advanced economies of North America, Europe and Asia through to all parts of the developing world.

To bring this vision into reality we have created a decentralized global network of internet suppliers and consumers with an ERC20 Token based economy powered by a closed loop of economic and civic incentives. With IUNGO, any individual, business or organisation anywhere in the world can begin earning revenue by providing fast, affordable and secure internet to their community, clients or citizens.

We also believe that one of the core reasons for the explosive growth of the internet over recent decades, and it’s overwhelmingly positive impact on our economies and societies, is due to its decentralized roots.

The Internet was born decentralized and at IUNGO we believe the creeping decent into centralized control by an oligarchy of Telecommunications companies who claim to “own the pipes”and the Big Tech giants who shepherd us into their walled gardens is not the natural state of affairs.

Big Tech was remarkable silent during the Neutrality debate. One would think the FANGs would resist a world where they can be charged a premium for the bandwidth to connect to their audience. This is until you remember that their offshore cash piles and eye-watering profit margins mean they can bear almost any cost to increase the speed with which they captivate their high yielding US consumers within the echo chambers of their own opinions.

Thankfully, the explosion of decentralized platforms is taking the power back from centralized authorities and returning it to the hands of the common man or woman. The centralized ivory towers of finance and financial regulation, whose greed and hubris directly led to the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1930 were first to to feel this threat to their hegemony. Investment bankers like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan lashing out at Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Finance was exposed by the 2008 financial crises yet survived through tax payers bailouts,. However the seeds of the blockchain paradigm shift that will permanently disrupt their dominance were born in the aftermath when the Bitcoin protocol was created.

Here at IUNGO we believe that the FCC and Congress Net Neutrality decision is just as dangerous as the 2008 Financial Crisis. This decision only fans the flames of the decentralized internet revolution that will ultimately end the dominance of the Telcos and Big Tech and return the internet to it’s decentralized , civic utility status.

The idea of a new decentralized internet was brought to the mind of the IUNGO Team when we watched how the fictional Pied Piper Team in HBO’s Silicon Valley pivoted to build the foundations for a new internet distributed across a swarm of smartphones. Even in 2016 that sounded fanciful but as is often the case these days reality is stranger than fiction and science fiction becomes reality at an accelerating rate.

IUNGO is proud to be part of a cohort of new Blockchain start ups that together form a stack of new internet architecture and infrastructure(IUNGO, Substratum), file storage and transfer (Storj, Filecoin) as well as privacy and protection from censorship (Orchid, andMysterium).

IUNGO recently announced our official partnership with Mysterium who raised $14M USD in their ICO and who’s genius CEO Robertas Višinskis sits alongside me on our board of directors. I am brainstorming with our friend Steve (Seven) Waterhouse on how Orchid can help IUNGO support a decentralized, uncensored internet for every person on the planet.

Credit for this excellent article to our Senior Advisor, Board Member and former LinkedIn Executive Dylan Sharkey

You can connect with Dylan on LinkedIn: here