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On the 15th of August 2016, I joined Immobilien Scout24 as an Engineering manager. At that time, the company was undergoing a major restructuring in order to become more Agile and technology-focused. Fast forward 3 years, Scout24 has made tremendous progress: our revenue has grown by double-digits, our people developed and stepped up to take more responsibilities, and our customers are satisfied like never before. 💪

Despite our success and my firm belief Scout24 is among the best employers in Berlin, I've decided to leave the company.

Although Scout24 was still able to provide opportunities for my career development, it was time for something new. …

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Scout24 office (Munich)

A key aspect of managing teams is ensuring they reach high levels of performance. Teams usually undergo several phases to make that happen. Tuckman’s stages of group development exemplify this process well.

I personally experienced Tuckman’s theory while developing teams at Scout24 and previous jobs. Consequently, it’s been absolutely rewarding to see our team achieving excellent results.

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Tuckman's stages of group development

Reaching the Performing stage is an enormous accomplishment but it poses an interesting problem: over time the perception of great performance becomes the new standard. As a result, you’re again faced with the goal of boosting your team’s performance.

How do you do that? …

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Mina Kleid and I

20+ projects delivered, 15+ A/B tests, 3 KPI targets achieved, 90+ interviews, 8 hires, 4 engineers promoted, 400+ 1on1s and at least 9 important lessons. By the numbers, that’s how I would summarize the past 2 years working as Engineering Manager (EM) at Scout24.

I am part of the Consumer experience platform (CXP). Our mission is to offer a simple, transparent and relevant experience to our users. The mobile apps and major parts of the website, in particular, the search funnel, are among our main products.

Throughout CXP I worked with 3 teams using technologies like iOS, Android, NodeJS and AWS. …


Iuri Matsuura

Passionate about Technology, People and Ideas. Director of Engineering @Invoice2go.

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