The new trend of dating with online random phone calling dating apps.

Smartphones and Digital technologies have changed our societies to a great extent. With changing times people have started seeking romantic relationships also in newer ways. The trend of online dating is one such major change that this world has seen in last one decade. Today almost 15% of world population has used online dating apps or has witnessed someone using online random dating apps.

The stigma that online dating call apps first witnessed, is now lost. Majority of users now agree to online dating apps to be a good and better way for meeting people.People today now at least someone who has used or uses online dating apps and attitudes toward online dating apps have grown increasingly more positive.

However many people still seem puzzled over the notion of finding partner online. These are the people who find these online date seekers desperate, but in general it is much more ethnically tolerable than it was a decade ago.

Online dating phone calling apps have gained popularity amongst adults below age 25, as well as in their late 50s and 60s.

The highest share of users of online dating random phone calling apps however is of 18–24 years old, whose share of using online dating apps has roughly tripled in last 3 years.

As amazing as these facts seem, one third of the online dating websites and random calling phone call apps users have never actually gone on a date with the person they met online. With the increasing trend of meeting people via these online random phone calling apps, people above the age of 50s and 60s have also turned their heads towards these match making apps. One fifth of the online daters have confessed to have taken help of someone else for setting up or reviewing their profiles.

Different varieties of these online dating apps have been launched over years, some provide chat rooms, some offer checked profiles and others random calling to matches. One of such revolutionary online dating random phone calling app is iUV. This app is available on android and ios stores and lets people call across the globe through free international phone calls.