Lazy person does not exist.

There has been a lot of talk about laziness in a work place (and in general) and peoples unwillingness to execute their wishes and goals. They are referred to as “people who don’t want to put in the work”.

There is no such thing as a lazy person. There is only a person who hasn’t brought to consciousness that one thing they feel most passionate about. The reason they haven’t realize what that one thing is and the reason why they haven’t put in the work is because of the beliefs that lie underneath. First one — belief that we don’t have control over our own lives. And the second one — belief that our behavior is the direct result of someone else’s behavior. We often believe and feel like we have superpower and if we would want to, we could make others do what we want. At least that is what we put most of our energy into. The best evidence that contradicts that belief is the most obvious one: if we could control other people everyone around us would do what we wanted. As you may notice, that is not the case. The main reason (besides the fact that it is impossible to control other person) is that everyone has a different idea what should other person do. More importantly the person that I’m trying to control is trying to control me in reverse.

These beliefs are also the reason why there are so many people feeling hopeless and then as a result produce all kind of unproductive behaviors/symptoms (depressive, anxious, paranoid etc.) .

If you believe that you don’t have control, then it isn’t surprising that you sit and wait until “you find happiness” or “you find that one thing you’re best at” or until “motivation hits you” or “somebody offers you your dream job” or until “system changes” or until “right president wins” etc. And when that doesn't happen we suffer.

Finding the “right thing” isn’t so hard at all. In fact I know we all know what we are good at. The problem is we don’t spent a lot of time on self-reflection, tuning in and then shining a light on beliefs, perceptions and wishes we cultivate in our mind. The other problem is when we do finally discover that our best thing is being a lawyer, our idea (mental representation) of that kind of profession is that it wouldn’t bring me a lot of money or maybe the respect that I want. At that moment I don’t realize that money, a.k.a. material goods, and respect comes in many forms. We stick to one particular idea that is untenable an unrealistic at the moment. For example, I want to fly. But because I’m human being flying with my own hands is unrealistic and untenable at the moment. If I changed my perspective and the idea that I have about flying I would see that flying can come in many forms, I can become a pilot, for example. But maybe, my wish for flying is my mental representation of a bigger, more abstract idea — idea of freedom. And being free is something we can all be in any given moment. Freedom is a choice. But before I change my perspective I have to change my belief that lies underneath, the belief that sense of freedom is something I don’t have control over and that it is defined by my surroundings.

I say all of this like it’s a walk in a park. And for some people it is. For others it’s a process because those beliefs are not conscious and that process demands some kind of help /guidance.

I was a person who had a perception of myself as a lazy person, until I learned that my perceptions and my beliefs are under my control.

I have spent last 10 years learning (psychology, psychotherapy), and the last 6 years working in private sector studying what entrepreneurs and leaders do, why some people succeed and others don’t, and implementing my knowledge into what I believe is true leadership-human connection, awareness, respect, gratefulness, being humble.

I had my fair share of “mistakes” along the way. But I don’t think of them as mistakes, they are my learning experiences.

One of my struggles was the idea of what my future “job” is gonna look like. I always knew what I didn’t wanna do — working for someone else who doesn’t share my view of human relationships and something that already exists but since we live in a conventional world I had no idea how to even imagine a new form. And that’s what I believe to be biggest struggle for most people. Thinking outside of the box. But the perception of “the box” is under our control.