Feeling disconnected in an overly connected world

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Navigating feelings in today’s society has never been easier. People talk more about the importance of mental health and going to therapy is being accepted more each year.

Everything is at the tip of our fingers. If you need a plane ticket, reach out to a cousin that moved away 30 years ago or find out your ancestry through DNA testing, every little information and every detail about everyone is reachable and you can find out anything.

We literally have everything.

Why does it feel more like a curse than a blessing?

As much as we stay connected, we deteriorate inside. How come? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Everything is on the surface. People don’t connect on a deeper level. It’s all about materialistic stuff, and even if someone was admiring nature, they quickly took photos to show on social media how much they appreciate nature. So others can see how ‘deep’ they are.

Every memory, every moment is being used to show off and I am guilty for it as well.

Yesterday I tried cooked warm wine for the first time. It is a speciality during Christmas time in my country and I was pretty excited to try it. My boyfriend bought me the drink and I drank it. It tasted good and it was a nice moment I shared with someone I love. When we were about to leave the bar, I said: Oh no. I forgot to take a picture. After realizing that, the nice fuzzy feeling disappeared and I was angry at myself for not taking a picture.

I know it’s nice to keep memories alive with photos and videos. But this was just a nice passing Christmas thing. I moment I will forever remember, and in the years to come I would say: Hey, yeah. I tried warm cooked wine, it’s very tasty. My boyfriend took me to this nice bar to try it.

The little things are being looked over, and if they are not being looked over, they are taken for granted by showing it on social media.

We say things like:
I am taking a week break from my phone
I am detoxing from social media
I needed a mental break, so I deleted the app on my phone

Why aren’t people taking these things seriously?
It’s important to stay aware that social media is so fake. Everything is fake. Nothing is real, except you and the real relationships you create with people in real life.

Try to learn more about yourself, learn more about others. Try to focus on the real things that are in front of you, not the things you don’t have or the people you don’t know.

Connect with yourself and other without posting it online. Not everything needs to be shared with the world. If we continue acting like this, there won’t be any human thing left in us.

If that happens, I hope the likes were worth it.





A writer from Europe. Sometimes funny, sometimes anxious.

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Iva Angelica

Iva Angelica

A writer from Europe. Sometimes funny, sometimes anxious.

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