Comparison is the key to your success

Not quite what you expect to hear, right? Let me explain what I discovered…

I was reading a post by a fellow writer — Belinda Weaver of CopywriteMatters. She was talking about “the imposter syndrome”.

You might not have heard of it but you know the feeling:

That sweaty, gut-wrenching feeling of being found out. Found out as the person who doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about. The person who shouldn’t be there. The fraud.

Yup, that one.

But besides the cures for this syndrome that Belinda proposes, I have an additional insight.

You see, after I decided to escape from architecture and dive deep into the art and science of marketing, I got hired by the guys at Userbrain. And inexperienced as I was, I worked on their marketing alone. Which was probably a mistake since I was overwhelmed. But alas, a girl learns, a woman grows.

After that ended I started blogging.

So as you might notice — I worked mostly by myself.

The result is that I forgot what it’s like working with other people and seeing the work other people do.

Then I started working at a digital marketing agency. And that’s when I remembered what we all forget…

As solopreneurs we are isolated.

We spend our days working from home, by ourselves. The only people we observe are the ones we follow — the Gary Vees, Sheryl Sandbergs, Tony Robbins, Grand Cardones…

We constantly tune in to hear what these experts have to share. We listen to their pep talks, their lessons, observe their lives.

We pay no attention to the average folk. We are only after the best advice from the top players.

And that is why I say comparison is the key to success!

Your smarts and your wish to improve have you looking up at those at the top. This makes you feel small. Makes you feel like you still have a looong way to go. Like you’re just not good enough.

God help you if you’re a perfectionist like me…

We’re so hypnotized by our heroes that we forget to look around. To look down. To see that in our effort to reach the top, we have not remained small. We have in fact grown bigger than 90% of people!

When I finally got out of isolation and started working with people again, I remembered.

I remembered that 90% of people are superficial, arrogant idiots.

I remembered that 90% of work done in my field (or any field) is average, or way below that.

I remembered that arrogant and ignorant people who believe in themselves are successfully selling a lot of awful services to people. Packaging them as the shizz.

And yet there I was… Afraid to pitch my services to people who would benefit from them. Afraid because I thought — I’m not good enough. Someone better should get the job.

Oh how wrong was I.

I forgot to compare myself to everyone, not just the best. I forgot that I’ve spent the last 4 years reading every book and article on the topic of marketing. Experimenting, failing, learning.

I forgot that I was never satisfied with my knowledge and thus constantly sought to improve my skills. (You might call this an intellectual FOMO, or FOMOOK — Fear Of Missing Out On Knowledge)

And in my effort to be equal to the best, I have amassed a huge understanding of marketing and am capable of producing work that is at least 2x better than average.

So why the hell did I doubt myself?!

Because I wasn’t comparing myself to the right people. The average folk. The ones that are successfully selling their average services to the world. And doing that shamelessly.

So, my intelligent friend… Look around. Compare yourself to other people. The more the better!

Because when you compare yourself to others you will see that the world is full of average. And that you are way beyond average.

You need to gift that intelligence and capability to the world! Save it from the arrogant mediocre people who are shamelessly and successfully selling their average.

We need you, my intelligent friend. Save us from mediocrity.


Applause is not what I am after but rather a connection with other insightful and passionate people. So leave a comment and exchange some emotion with me. This online world can be so isolating and distancing. Let’s get closer :)