StarCashX or profit

in your pocket

Everybody has already heard about crypto-currencies and their subsections. Most projects are screaming about their importance and steepness. They hide behind a screen of social importance but simply collect money. But they forgot that not loud words make the project better but deeds. What about us? StarCashX is a project for those who are interested in manufacturing and investing. We don’t promote our technology in nature or in something else. Our project is a tool with which you will never be empty in your pocket.We don’t want to make the best coins , but better solution. And today we will talk about StarCashX.

StarCash is a low-supply, easy-to-use, fully decentralized, global cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin. This is a restart of the project. For a short time the project has gained strength for new steps in the future. We made a complete rebranding of our website and the White Book. And now we will tell you about the features of our project, which you will be particularly interested in

-This is a great eco-system of our product, which you can use anywhere you like: in a cafe, on the street or just at home. We are trying to make the crypto closer to people, replacing their fiat money with ours. This is not only a good way to earn money, but also to spend

-Our one-click Masternodes setup can help random user to make money by himself. Also our mobile app where you can hold your MN. This is very informative app with friendly interface which can help you with any crypto-operation . Sounds like big bank in your pocket. This is very comfortable for everyone . This is a completely anonymous network that will serve you as a security guard. Private correspondence and Crypto-Mixer will be at your service.

-This is a good tool for P2P trading. Our coin will be in the top listings in Q4 2019

After the reboot we will seriously improve the course of our coins. We will increase the ROI to 200%. StarCashX is a ready-made product, which you can try right now. This is a RELATIVELY LOW INFLATION RATE when compared to most other cryptocurrencies. This slower release of coins over time allows StarCash to maintain a more stable price, and also make rising prices easier to acheive.