5 Reasons Why Engagement Trumps Everything In Marketing

In today’s day and age of personalization and experience brands of all sorts must rethink their marketing approach to consumer engagement. Engagement, regardless of the marketing channel utilized to capture consumer attention is the foremost important thing to consider in any marketing campaign. Yet, majority of brands and especially those traditional ones who have been around for longer than five decades are still marketing to consumers in the same way they did in the early days.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is a marketing strategy that brands utilize to captivate the attention of consumers (like you and me). The intent behind engagement is to generate awareness, interest, and persuade each consumer to purchase a product or service from that brand.

Engagement can be invoked through three different types of media:

  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video

You can put all sorts of other things under the above mentioned media buckets. The three different media types stated above are merely core areas of classification. Furthermore, Engagement is a KPI that many brands factor into their determination of ROI.

The Major Issues With Utilizing Engagement Properly

A lot of brands are fully aware of engagement as an important element of marketing. However, advertising companies who strategize, implement, and execute on marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients/brands are simply doing a poor job at consumer engagement. This is also where sentiment cross-pollinates with engagement and is important to debunk any confusions while understanding the importance of sentiment within an engagement strategy.

What is Sentiment?

Sentiment, in marketing pertains to the analysis of comments, likes, retweets, etc. actions that a user expresses towards a brand. Regardless of the marketing channel this activity occurs on. This goes beyond Likes and Follows and focuses more engagement effectiveness of brands towards their customers.

Engagement + Sentiment = A Viable Marketing Approach (regardless of the channel).

5 Reasons Why Engagement Trumps Everything In Marketing

Regardless of the type of marketing channel or campaign that you are comprising, engagement always trumps. Figuring out how to engage customers is extremely difficult to accomplish. In most cases it may take some time to achieve optimal engagement in your marketing endeavors.

Engagement matters most because in reality from a human-centric standpoint it connects with people

Reason #1 — Engagement Is Personal

These days consumers are seeking a personalize experience with every brand. Something that they can personally relate to in their own unique way.

Do you recall the Coca-Cola “Share A Coke” campaign?

This was a brilliant way for Coca-Cola to boast engagement with their brand by creating personalized Coke bottles. For consumers it felt personal if they saw their name on a bottle and even more personal if they shared with a friend or significant other.

Reason #2 — Engagement Is Emotional

Consumers have an emotional attachment to everything. Whether it’s a product or service we are purchasing there is always some form of emotional engagement attached to it. Sparking that emotional engagement in any marketing campaign usually takes lots of trial and error.

There really isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for invoking emotional engagement. It all comes down to what we as human being deem as emotionally important to us. Therefore, brands must identify the emotional attachment their customers have towards products or services and engage with them in such fashion.

Reason #3 — Engagement Is Experiential

Engagement is about an experience. Everything we do in our day-to-day lives as humans is an experience. Whether we are eating a cupcake, running, reading a book, working on the computer, driving a car, or anything else it’s all an experience. Brands must explore further testing with consumers in an experiential way to invoke deeper interest in their products or services.

Reason #4 — Engagement Is Targeted

If an engagement strategy is properly utilized than it will be extremely targeted. Targeted in a sense that it’s catered to a specific audience that would ultimately take interest and spark that engagement.

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make with their marketing endeavors is comprising a strategy that is not targeted. Marketing, regardless of the channel should be targeted towards a specific audience and buyer persona. This is when engagement will occur and ultimately connect with consumers in a way a brand has set out to do.

Reason #5 — Engagement Is Effective

Engagement is not only a KPI but also a strategy that brands should utilize in capturing the attention of their customers. It is effective due to the fact that it’s measurable, trackable, and quantifiable. These are all three elements that every brand seeks in any marketing campaign.

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