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Majority of my childhood entailed in growing up in what most Americans would classify a third-World country. Bulgaria, population of approximately 7 million people (Source: Worldometers). That is nearly as much people as there are in the State of Missouri (Source: Census.gov) which is where I currently reside. I lived under communism regime until around the age of 9. It was around that time when the Berlin Wall came down.

You could say that growing up I had many limitations, challenges, and fears. In some retrospect I’m led to believe that some of those challenges and fears followed me into the Land of The Free.

We all have challenges and fears!

In business and in life we are constantly, on daily basis presented with a new set of hurdles to overcome. As a marketer turned entrepreneur I face new challenges and hurdles on daily basis. The way you handle challenges and fears by rectifying them says a lot about your character, personality, individuality, and of course entrepreneurship potential.

Some of the challenges and fears I’ve encountered thus far since May 2016 when I officially ventured out, all into 100% entrepreneurship:

  • Starting a digital marketing business with little to no upfront cash.
  • Not realizing the feasibility and reality of residual income. Particularly its importance in ability to cover overhead (i.e. operational expenses, marketing, paying myself, paying the mortgage, paying the car payment, putting food on the table for my family, etc.).
  • Being misled from an expectations standpoint on the fruition of a startup business (it always takes longer than anticipated).
  • The constant worry of “The Sky May Fall Down Any Day” and the world as I know will crumble underneath me.
  • Crash and burn.
  • Becoming a new dad as of April 2016, being a good father, and husband in addition to being an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, especially one fresh out of the gate you will most definitely fail. You will face more challenges and fears in a shorter period of time than you have ever faced thus far in your lifetime.

So, how DO YOU overcome your challenges and fears?

1. Commitment

Anything that is worthwhile will require commitment. So many entrepreneurs seek instant gratification and precisely why 99% of them fail. This is probably one of the hardest things I learned thus far in my entrepreneurship journey. You have to GO ALL IN to have any chance at success. What does ALL IN mean? Monetary investment, time, effort, and most importantly grinding and hustling like there is no tomorrow.

Commitment borderlines consistency. It is always easier said than done. Many entrepreneurs are inconsistent in their entrepreneurship journey to success and precisely why they struggle with commitment.

2. Focus

Being focused ensures that your time, resources, and energy are allocated in the right direction. Achieving optimal focus can take years of hard work and grinding. Majority of startups particularly take up to 4 years before they achieve maturity. This is a time span in which you will make the biggest amount of mistakes but also identify your focus.

The 5 Ws are a great way to segment yourself in pursuit of focus.

  • WHO are you trying to reach/target?
  • WHAT are you trying to accomplish, build, sell, offer?
  • WHERE does your target audience and buyer personas reside?
  • WHEN does your target audience and buyer personas engage with your brand?
  • WHY would your customers engage with you and your brand?

Truth be told I am still struggling with the WHY question. My startup is a digital marketing agency with focus on human business. Although the human business portion does not seem to be enough for competitive positioning.

3. Patience

As an Eastern European patience wasn’t really my strong suit. Especially in my early 20s when my life was quite careless with lack of clarity. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It is how we are built as human beings and also equally important in business and entrepreneurship. You need to either find a way to become more patient by practicing it or find someone who can supplement your weakness with their strength.

This is precisely why companies have employees because each one of them brings some form of value and skill set to the table. For me personally I realized that mastering patience would be extremely beneficial for me. As they say…

Practice Makes Perfect.

4. Flexibility

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to be extremely flexible and adaptable. Today’s digital marketplace is a constantly moving target and extremely hard to maintain a steady pulse on it. What I mean by “flexibility” is the ability to morph and adjust on a short moment’s notice. Flexibility is indeed a challenge and fear for many entrepreneurs.

You have to first and foremost understand that you are building a brand intended for helping people solve problems. Therefore if a problem arises for a prospect or a client of yours, you need to be able to step up to the plate and offer a solution.

5. Problem Solving

The ability to problem solve stands of utmost importance in business, entrepreneurship, and life. It is a differentiating factor between you and the rest of the herd. You can either switch on your thinking cap or continue to square dance. If you do not have strong problem solving skills then either find some or find an individual that can help you problem solve.

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I want you to overcome your challenges and fears. When I set out to start my digital marketing startup Razor Sharp Digital my primary focus was to help other entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups overcome their hurdles. The difference between myself and the rest of the herd is execution, results, human business, dedication, emotional and community engagement.

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