Inspiring Others Through Insight & Fresh Perspective

About five months ago I decided to make a drastic move in my career. For the last 12 years I spent time working in digital marketing. More particularly focusing my efforts on SEO & SEM. However, one thing that kept throbbing inside me was the inability to harness the inner entrepreneur. Since the age of 10 I have sensed that there is something specific I’d like to accomplish in life.

Well, that one thing was exploring the entrepreneurial path.

Why? In all honesty, i’m not exactly sure. Something about continuous exploration, trying different things, learning from others, building new relationships, tapping into the unknown, and inspiring others. These are a few of the feelings I have had for the last two decades.

Enter the Cutthroat Industry

In my younger years I spent time learning the flooring skilled trade. Even managed to undergo an apprenticeship program for shits and giggles. During that time I was quite uncertain about the direction my career should take. I also spent time working with my father. He has been in the flooring industry for over two decades now. Unlike me he can work magic with his hands and truly accomplish absolutely mesmerizing products. Feel free to peruse through some of his work.

So, after 12 years in the marketing industry I decided to take a sharp turn. Using my prior experience and sense of entrepreneurship decided to enter the family business. Operations, management, marketing, accounting, and everything else bundled into one. For the record, I have never before assumed a CEO role. However, through my prior marketing life ended up learning a vast amount about operations, management, marketing, accounting, and more.

It felt like a logical move.

One that sparked happiness, interest, curiosity, and opportunity. Not to mention spending more time with my soon-to-be growing family.

Inspiring Others Through Insight & Fresh Perspective

The flooring or any skilled trade industry for that matter in general are extremely competitive, saturated, and full of tension. A lot of it is reliant upon referral business and strong relationships. Oh and pricing plays a significant role in business negotiations. Trust me, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

What did I get myself into?

In the first couple of months there were many questionable moments. Doubt was a constant that made me wonder if I had made the right decision. Instead of mulling over puzzles and questions I decided to exercise my prior knowledge in attempt to help expand the family business.

Alike any other industry, the fundamentals of business are more or less identical. Here is a few of them that play an intricate role in any business model.

  • Be personable to those you seek to do business with.
  • Ensure likability. Regardless of what industry you operate in, likability plays a key role in business success. We do business with people we like and others that find you likable.
  • Be strategic about every approach and action you seek to take.
  • Show others appreciation and make them feel acknowledge. This was probably one of the most significant elements. Creating a sense of appreciation with other builders that we would aligned on project.
  • Focus on establishing a clear line of communication. Builders and anyone in general within the flooring industry have a tendency of being poor communicators. Not necessarily intentionally but mostly due to time constraints and constant hassles with different projects.
  • Show that you can accept the good with bad. It’s a rollercoaster ride and you will need to strap in tightly.
  • Attempt to master attention to detail. The little things can have the strongest impact on every situation. Focusing on those will help establish a strength in acknowledgement.

Many of the builders and other contractors that I’ve had to do business with have been extremely demanding. Imagine constant blowouts, arguments, accounting dilemmas, poor scheduling, miscommunication, and much more.

The Results of Inspiring Others

Now being into the sixth month of my newly found CEO type role I am slowly starting to seeing the fruition of my labor. Recently a couple of the builders we typically do work with expressed their gratitude by complimenting on my approach. Clearly stating how appreciative they were in the attention to detail, clear communication, personable approach, and constant dedication to each project.

Moral of This Story

Regardless of what industry you operate in the human aspect applies. Recognition and appreciation on a psychological level always outweights everything else. The individuals or brands you choose to do business with recognize these initiatives. It is something that can attribute to the development of longevity in your business.

Thoughts, questions, comments? I’d love to hear them below. Feel free to share.

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