Simplicity is Key!

Have you ever heard the saying “Simplicity is key”? Of course you have. As a matter of fact, we all have especially in the business world. It seems to be all too common these days though. Isn’t it? Do you ever wonder what it really means? How does it translate logistically in your own business?

This past week I got a chance to attend the 3rd annual UMSL State of Digital Media Marketing Conference here in St. Louis, MO. An event that for the first time in its three year existence has outgrown the venue. Due to its exponential growth it is now recognized as one of the must-attend events for digital marketing in the STL area. Speakers from Google, Yahoo, comScore, and of course the mighty Chris Brogan were all in attendance.

Simplicity is Key!

Listening to Chris Brogan’s keynote felt like being given a crash course on superior intelligence. The wealth of information was simply unprecendented. Chris talked about a lot of useful, logical, yet simplistic things. Far too much to share actually but you can download the full deck if interested. I promise, it’s definitely worth your while.

Even though I wanted to stick around for the full conference, there was other things to attend to and ended up departing in early afternoon. On my way out though I noticed Chris Brogan sitting on a bench having a conversation with someone else. So, as an act of courtesy I stopped by to say ‘Thanks’ for the immense amount of valuable information. After a short chatter, here’s what Chris said to me:

“Yup, it makes sense, right? I get paid to state the obvious and simplest of things. Isn’t that something?”

I literally chuckled after that statement because in reality it’s true. Sometimes I stop and wonder if modern business is in actuality a logical pursuit. It definitely seems that way at times, doesn’t it? Peruse through Chris’s deck from the 3rd annual UMSL State of Digital Media Marketing Conference and you’ll see what I mean.

Friends — in business we need not take for granted the simplicity aspect of things. Regardless of what that may be. For example, a website should be accessible and simple to navigate. It should offer a simple yet intuitive user experience so that your customers can easily identify products and services. It seems quite…simple, right?

Let’s not overthink things and focus more on the human-to-human interaction. Regardless of the type of marketing campaign we are involved in.

I’m Ivan Temelkov. A digital marketing strategist helping small to medium size businesses build, grow, and endure in the digital realm. My specialty is Search (SEO, SEM), Social Media, and Content Marketing. Always up for great conversation. Want to chat? Tweet at me.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it.