Once upon a time…

You know the craggily feels of goose-skin all over your hands, right? I feel it every time when I am watching movies like Narnia, Bridge to Terabithia,Princess Mononoke or even Coraline.

This bewitching spot has it. I was impressed by big basket filled of old books for 1$. I picked old serbian comics Prajsova čast. After that the old salesman offered me another Spiderman and Batman comics from 1940s. Gosh! Blessed place. This Antique belle offer many old books, ceramics, chairs, porcelain statues, toys, guns, lamps, paintings and a lot of kitsch. It is hard to descripe what I saw, because Mr. Elkrief, owner of the shop has really everything. Prices are little bit high, but I think this is the place when you can actually get pretty good discount.

I am not the owner of this shop, not even his daughter or a friend. I am just random visitor who stopped here last Saturday.

It is important to me to always keep warm memories about my grandparents. They lived at Gabčíkovo and I spend lot of beautiful summer weekends and even the weeks there.

My grandpa was charming man with a bold c.We were sitting at the same bench covered with an old dusty pillows. Every day, around 11AM we were peeling tasty pink potatoes, sweet carrots, parsley and turnip cabbage right from the garden. Orange sunlights were covering our happy faces covered with chunks of marsh, because we loved to play with the water-hose at the potato fields. Every day at the same hour I learned some new hungarian bad words. Grandpa was hilarious. My lovely granny Jolana always screaming in polite way on us. When will be vegetables for a soup?

We´re eating chicken soup from white porcelain plates with red dots.

Grandpa always added crazy amount of salt. Maybe that´s why I remember wooden salt-box in the shape of chicken.

Now I have to mop my tears out of my eyes, go there again and touch few of my beautiful memories.

If you will go through Slovakia, you are welcome to stop here.Shop is open everyday except of Sunday.

Monday till Friday 9–18
Saturday 9–13

Here is the map for you.