Who can be an Artist?


The Chef. The Painter. An Illustrator. The Politician. The Craftsman. The Bartender. A Musician. I can continue with that ad infinitum.

Artist is someone who earned this naming by his, her or its ambition, hardworking aditus and love.

You can´t born as an Artist. If someone told you sentence:,,I was born as an Artist.”, I am sorry, but it´s a bullsh*t.

Just imagine this situation. You´re 1yo baby laying in your wooden cot with your blanket covered by teddy bears. Do you really think that you´re actually dreaming about David Hockney? I don´t think so.

I am not saying that you can´t be artist. Of course you can.

How to be an Artist?


At first, don´t think about this status of word. You should think about the activity, which you truly like to do, or some imagination of activity you like. If you don´t know what to do, just try to get the information. Any kind of information, you could possibly explore in books, movies, social media sources or from the life itself.


You need to fail to get an experience. Don´t be afraid to make a mistake. We all did it at least once. I made so many mistakes that I can´t even count it like amount of mosquitos during summer holidays. Every single fail moved me to be better at something. I will give you few samples now. I burned a lot of meals. I did not get an important job, what I want before. I failed at relationships. I disappointed people. I did not make a work on time. I can´t sing. I am not famous Artist. I am not even known Artist at my own country, or even in the city I live in.

Every single fail learned me to be a better version of myself.

I am an Artist , because I choosed to be one.

There is one tricky thing. Don´t be scared of this sentence. Of course, that you can insult many of other artists. If somebody will tell you, that you are not an artist, ask why.

What do you think are you doing? You are not an artist.
You´re just not. It´s ugly.

Now you should say okay, but don´t you dare to listen to this person.Keep going!

I think this is not good. You should make it in other way.
Here is some literature. I think it could help you.

Listen to this person and try to use something, what can be actually really helpful for you. Keep going.

This is the moment, when you probably feel insecure. This is the fail that I was talking about earlier.

Don´t even think about you don't deserve this status or, that you will not deserve it in the future. Keep going.

I love what I do and I am trying to make the best version of myself by creating new experiences day by day.

We all failed at something sometimes and we´ll do it so many times in the future too. Don´t stress about it and think about in what you succeed at so far.


Being an Artist is very fragile business. Yes, it is a business, not some magical power that it was added to you by holo unicorn you meet at the parking spot where you was born. Keep dreaming sunshine.

You have to work hard. You should get a lot of informations about your topic. You have to be constantly better than you are now. One and only motivation is your personality and your skills. You don´t need nothing else. You don´t have to constantly compare yourself with other people.

Nobody will ever be like you.

It has only two rules.

Listen and ask.

Even when you failed at this.