You Can Guess Someone’s Love Language With This

Ivana Belinda
3 min readAug 12, 2019

Even if it’s not the exact answer, at least it’s a very close answer.

Some people still don’t know about what love language is or they know but not take it seriously.

For what I’ve seen in my life, my relationship, and the relationship of people around me, I can see that love language is very important. Especially, if you want to keep the relationship long last and still have that romanticism between you and your partner.

Talking about love language, it’s not just about between lover, husband and wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. But, it’s about you and anybody that you know.

It can be your parents, your cousins, your friends, your colleagues and other people who special for you.

So, what exactly you have to do to know their love language? Guessing their love language at least.

First thing first, you need to know that every person on this earth has their own love language.

And the highest love language that people have is definitely in this category:

Acts of Service
Physical Touch
Gift Giving
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation

Now, how to guess their love language? It’s simple, very simple.

Guess their love language through their childhood story.

Is it accurate? Well, I’ve done some research on it.

Before you guess their love language, you can try it to yourself first.

Think about what your love language is. Then link it with your childhood history.

Are those things connected?

I give you an example about myself.

My childhood was spent with loneliness.

My parents are very busy and always go to the office until night, so I spend my time home alone.

And that is connected with my love language (Quality Time).

I love spending my time with people that I love, I care about and mean so much to me.
Because in my childhood, I didn’t get it much.

So, after I succeed to link my childhood story with my love language, I try to do that to 5 people that close to me.

And I can guess theirs correctly!

How can I do that?

The formula is you should make them share their childhood story. I know not easy for people to tell their childhood stories. That’s why if someone tells you about their story, then they must be thinking that you are special for them.

Voilà! You can guess their love language right at that time.

I tell you the very essential ingredients of this formula. It’s very accurate if they’re telling you about the bad experience in their childhood.

Because it will be a strong sign about what they lacked.

But, if you want to guess it very accurately, you can do some observe to them. If you already know about their childhood story, you can see when they feel happy.

Is she happy if someone hugs her?

Is he happy if someone gives him something?

Or is she happy if someone tells her that she is beautiful?

You can find out the answer by yourself.


Do those things, and you can guess their love language correctly.

Believe me, the childhood story never lies to you.

It will give you so many clues about someone’s love language.

I hope you can guess their love language correctly and do something special for them.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you get something new from this.

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*If you don’t know about what your love language is, you can take a test here:



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