Step Out of The Comfort Zone

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Fresh graduate who is invited to a technology company to work there as a quality assurance and less than 6 months have an idea to get out of the job.

That’s an exact description of me.

Some people said it’s a normal thing because I’m a fresh graduate. I’m still searching for the right job. The truth is that being a QA is the right job for me.

But, being a worker is not the right path of my life.

Back again after two months of hiatus from writing.

These two months has been a tough month for me. I was in a situation where I had to choose to follow the old way or my own way.

The old way keep me stay in my ordinary zone where I just need to live my life do ordinary things, become ordinary people and have ordinary value. With less risk.

While my own way tells me to try something new, do extraordinary things and get more value for my life. But obviously, it has a high risk.

The question of “Should I get out of this old way? And be brave to do my own way?” always come to my mind these past two months.

Someone said, “You will get there, but only if you keep going”.

And stay in this company won’t help me to reach my dream in life.
I can’t develop myself even though I got some value from here. But, there is not much value that I got to makes me become better.

The longer I stay in the company, the longer I stuck in this comfort zone.

The longer I stuck in this comfort zone, the longer I get there (my dreams).

So, I decided to let go of my job. I let the monthly-salary go and decided not to depend on it. Just do what my passion is and change my focus in life. I teach myself to change my mind about money and time.

Which is,

  1. Time should be on top than money.

2. Time should be the only thing that I can depend on when I don’t have money.

3. And time should be a tool that can generate money.

Besides time, the moment I choose to step out, I already choose to accept only-matter other people’s opinion. Because that’s not good for my mind and it doesn’t even help me to pursue my dreams.

The only sentence that remind me to get out of this comfort zone is,

You haven’t been hurt enough, so you can’t get out of this comfort zone.

Comfort zone will always be your comfort zone until you hurt by it.

And trust me, I’ve been in that situation.

But, I’m grateful for that. Because I can live the life in the way i want it and realize that the only matter is happiness.

Thank you for reading this story. Hope you get something new from this.

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