Ma l’accidia che cavolo è?

Tutti non vorrebbero commettere quel peccato capitale, ma nessuno ha davvero capito cos’è…

Acedia comes from Greek, and means “a lack of care.” It sounds a little like today’s sloth, and acedia is indeed considered a precursor to today’s sin of laziness. To Christian monks in the fourth century, however, acedia was more than just laziness or apathy. It was more like dejection that made it difficult to be spiritual, avoiding ascetic practices, boredom that led to falling asleep while reading, and frustration with life in a monastery — but the meaning is nuanced and has changed over time. The evolution of the word’s use shows just how much the concept of cardinal sin has shifted through the centuries.

Kelsey Kennedy, “Before Sloth Meant Laziness, It Was the Spiritual Sin of Acedia” (Atlas Obscura)

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