Rock’n’roll business

Ivana Galic
Aug 5, 2015 · 3 min read
Our working desk at Soma cafe, Ubud, Bali

I have a baby. But not just any baby. This is not an ordinary baby who only sleeps and eats all day. This baby is not sleeping at all, but it eats a lot. All the time. And requires constant, 24-hour attention and care. What is the name of the baby?

Your Own Business. To be more precise, it is the business you are trying to build while traveling around the world. This is the sleepless baby that’s giving you sleepless nights in return. Because you are on a budget and without all the necessary skills for this business, but you still pursue the idea you believe in like your life depends on it.

Well, it does.

Ivan and I said goodbye to Singapore in December and decided to set for a six-month journey which would determine our future career paths — make it or break it — can we manage our own business or we’ll eventually have to settle for working for somebody else.

It took us a while to get things going and to find our place under the sun, aka to decide which idea is worth pursuing. In the meantime, we took some side projects to earn extra money in case we need more time to get the business going. These side projects slowed us down for at least 4 months. While we got the extra cash, we are not really convinced that it was the best strategy because we could’ve been earning from our own thing by that time. On the other hand, it wasn’t completely wasted time either. I needed a couple of months to learn, soak up and practise as much as I can for whatever would be my role in the Galibugs team (Eventually we came up with the real name for our-own-business baby. Galibugs. Sweet, isn’t it?). Since Ivan is a developer, it was kind of natural/logical to complete the skill set with a designer on board. So I became a graphic designer. But not just that. I also became a social media and content marketing manager. And a writer. And a video editor. And an avid Southeast Asian languages learner (which I’m particularly proud of, but it doesn’t actually count since it is not required by the job). The job. It is my baby, my company, but it is still essentially a job. With long working hours. With running errands. With demanding boss (just joking, Ivan and I are equals of course). There are so many things to juggle at once, making sure that nothing falls down. So far, nothing did (three knocks on the wood). I take one step at a time (although I wish the day was 24 times longer than 24 hours). I do the research and implement. I watch hundreds of tutorials and practise some more. Ivan is buried in his overwhelming tasks, but we still manage to coordinate. He is experienced in everything technical except managing his own business. We are both learning along the way and the business is actually rolling. Rock and rolling. It took us a lot of time and effort to put things together and into perspective at first, but here we are now — caffeine pumped, at our favourite’s cafe standing desk (it’s a favourite because it provides us fast internet of course), motivated as a horny dog — ready to launch the rocket. Stay tuned!

UI/UX designer. Loves all things nature, diving, hiking, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, French comedies, rock music and rain.

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