I did read a lot of Barthes in my art history/philosophy classes, less in a semiotics sense.
Rachel Roberie

A Little Semiotic Anecdote

Once long time ago I had applied the discourse analysis according to the ideas of Barthes, to my exam programme. We had a very strict professor, respected but also feared by all. His subject was the history of the film and the theory of the film making .

I saw a certain pattern in his discourse on the basis of which I had made my predictions as to what kind of questions he will ask at the exam.

Relying on my predictions I had reduced thousands of the pages of prescribed bibliography to just several hundred, only the material I had decided I needed to answer the exam questions. (In those days I would start studying for my exams just at the very last moment — no time to read everything on the list.)

I had scored a 9 out of 10 at the exam. My predictions were 100% correct!

It was awesome to see those apparently vague theories actually work in practice.