Why You Can’t Fall in Love Like You Want To
Heidi K. Isern


A funny thing about “les clichés” is that they were initially quite true statements that had just been repeated way too often. Even to the deaf and any other otherwise unresponsive ears.

So they are now labeled as “clichés”.

Nobody wants to hear a cliché. Just as well. Same thing with truth. Never popular. I for one, am not for force feeding anyone. Even not with truth. Especially not with it.

Plain truth is actuallly quite an exclusive something. Meant to reveal itself only to those who specifically seek it.

In conclusion: Unintentionally a paradox has been created. A label like “cliché” is nowadays just a good hiding place, a good cover for some old truth that had been repeatedly served to the unwilling, time and time again.

Now nobody expects to find it there of all the places.

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