Well, I’m not going to claim to be a master or a guide in this, but I agree with your statement…
Heath ዟ

About why the listicles and “How to” articles get thousands of recommends while somebody who pours his/her soul out in a most wonderful and unique way gets 17… Only last night I finally saw it clearly while reading one of those publications. Like the stuff a guy called Wester — something writes. I have suddenly had the epiphany and understood. Mediocrity is the key to popularity!

The more mediocre one is , the more recommends. The outstanding — as the words says — stand out in the masses, they are always a small minority by their very nature. They can never appeal to the masses, never be understood and recognized by the vast majority. It is actually so simple. Quality and quantity never go together. Never will. If you look at it this way, to get 20–30 recommends is a good sign. It means that the special people have noticed and liked your work.

I suppose it is possible for somebody outstanding to choose and climb down for commercial purposes and produce the stuff that would appeal to the thousands. But that is another story. To be honest, I haven’t thought about that yet…

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