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Whatever Gary’s faults and mistakes might be, he has obviously done something right to have such a loyal and understanding friend like you. I think it is fantastic that you are taking time and trouble to stand up for him. Kudos to you.

Money is the means to achieving a goal and as such it is a necessity to all of us. It is just that I get a different impression when I read these statements about “outworking everybody” in order to be successfull , that is, to “generate a multimillion income” and “be a winner”. It looks like money itself becomes a goal, becomes a priority and everything else takes a second place.

How many hours a day must one work to outwork everybody else? I know enough people who work up to 12 hours a day. So Gary is aiming to work more than that. 15 hours? 17? He inevitably has to sleep some time… They say 8 hours are necessary . How many hours of sleep does he need? Even after six hours only of sleep and more than twice that much of work ,where then does he realistically find time for family, friends, and anything that makes one life fulfilling and meaningful? Or is he saving all that for after he is done working ? Like 10 years after?

Gary’s intentions and his heart might be in the right place. But in practice it just does not add up. What he believes is the right way to realize his intentions, totally outweighs that which he means to achieve . The end result of the equation is that the means have become the goal in the “here and now” momernt of his existence. And I repeat — here and now is all we really have. We might be around 10 years later… or we might not . We, or someone important to us. It is only prudent to consider the future — to a degree . But certainly not to postpone living now for the sake of the notion of luxury living 10 years later.

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