Anger: The Sin of Missed Opportunities
Melanie Grace


So… looking at your frame of reference , the Bible , am I to conclude you are addressing here only a small fraction of Medium readers , namely the Christians only?

That is a shame because anger and anger management are pretty much universal subjects . Everybody here on Medium (and elsewhere, in general) should be able to share their thoughts and/or learn about it, whatever their religion or beliefs might be, if any.

This post is an excellent example of why I , a believer , refuse to identify, or rather, refuse to call God by any specific name. Why I prefer to keep my relation to God a personal affair, outside of any established religious institution. We, the humans are all brothers and sisters sharing one home which is this wonderful planet.

There are already too many random lines along which we get to be divided : by the state borders, by the economic interests, by tradition …We are continuously separated into the insiders and the outsiders. the good guys and the enemy. A set up which is never fair nor reasonable...

I am reading the text here as the title drew my attention. Anger . Such an important subject, so universal , as I have mentioned already. We all have experienced anger . Such a controversial emotion . What to do, how to deal with it?

For example, there are many cases of righteous anger. Righteous does not make it any more positive or constructive. It is always a negative emotion and a destructive sort of energy. In fact , it is mainly self' destructive whatever the individual circumstances happen to be.

I think everybody knows what anger is . We all get acquainted with some form of anger from the earliest age in our lives…

I can go on and on …So many different approaches possible. How to analyze its roots, its causes, manifeststions, consequences… I guess the biblical angle is one of the ways to tackle it. The article is well written, eloquent, systematic… It is a shame it is written for only a small community . Disproportionately small when dealing with this kind of a subject.