Bringing back the dead for a pep talk
christy bharath


I wonder if you have ever heard this joke (though I am just not sure if one should classify it as such). I hope I can narrate it well enough from memory . It goes like this:

The twins in the mother’s uterus are having this ongoing discussion :

The twin A asks the twin B : “ Do you think there is life after death? The twin B says :” No way! This is all there is! You and I, this lovely warm dark world , the comfort, the security … There can’t possibly be anything else after this. “ The twin A :” Yes , this is a great life. But just try to imagine if there was something more… There must be a purpose , a meaning to our being here, to this world of ours! It can’t be all there is , because what would be the point of it all ? I have a feeling that this rhythmic beating of a drum that we hear continuously in the distance , yet all around us too, this may be a sign of the existence of something bigger , of the Creation of this world … Maybe a God? A Holy Mother? “ A twin B : “ Yeah, that is a great fantasy bro, but just face it : there is no life after death. Once we are out of here, it is the end of the story. Let us just enjoy it while it lasts.”

And then , they were born.

The point of this story is obvious. Once a baby is born , it does not come back to the uterus to tell what is there, outside of the mother’s womb. What if you and I are these fetuses waiting to be born , but we can’t possibly know it until it happens ? We assume this is the only life there is, we tbink we are dying ,while we are just being born and haven’t even properly started to live! But it is a one way road . So nobody came back to tell us about where they went. Just like people used to think atoms were the smallest particles. Or that the Earth is flat… Or that the Earth is the center of the Universe.

Death may be just another word for our ignorance. But then again , this is nothing new. People always believed there is life after death , only have not yet scientifically , empirically proven it. Then again, science is only one way of acquiring knowledge. The slowest one.

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