Random Luck
Sherry Caris

Apart from all else that is obviously worth the praise here : appreciation of the never to be taken for granted luxury , its randomness, the value of water that can not be measured and expressed in any unit etc, I just wanted to add that there was a special quality to this poem that made me think of Tagore. The intricate joy of walking barefoot in the morning dew; The ceremony of washing the feet; the scented soap… I love you Sherry , like I love Tagore, like I love India!

I am excited beyond measure to have witnessed your being recognized and cofirmed as a poet of class , to hear a distinguished connoceur of literary arts ask to buy your poem ! It is just wonderful! I am sending you a big hug , I feel proud for you and I congratulate you!!! I will specially have a drink celebrate this occasion. Here is looking at you kiddo! 👍

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