Ivana Knezevic
Feb 10 · 1 min read

Best wishes to you dearest Susan Christiana !

The one tradition followed in this specific piece of paradise, my tropical beach, are the 15 minutes of top class exquisite fireworks, right above, and reflecting in, the sea.

Fireworks are an old Chinese invention. The practice of making loud noice is meant to chase away the bad spirits of the old year; grand explosions of many colours and bright lights intend to honour and greet the new and thus to attract the good fortune and happiness in the coming year.

Not something I would ever take an initiative to organise, let alone do with my own little old hands, to be clear!

As a long time dog owner and a passionate animal lover I am only too aware of the assault on their fine tuned senses and and a trauma of blind fear all animals experience whenever these loud explosions take place.

Ivana Knezevic

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