Ivana Knezevic , you are full of great detail of summarizing the essence of ritual.
Susan Christiana


Dear , dear Susan Christiana, how have you been? Hope you don’t mind my adopting your favorite youknowwhat (the above) and adding it to my already considerable collection …

I an not here to please any readers, nor to turn anybody off. Neither are you, so let us speak freely — of God, of religion, of anything . Actually , I have just read an article this morning somewhere in the Medium Maze. The title was ( here I am sending you on another one of the wild goose chases, haha):

Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW

In a nutshell, the “How”obviously stands out. This had immediately resonated with me . How many times I have said it and have repeated myself : It is not even about what you do , but how you do it. Applying it now to our conversation, it makes sense to me yet again. How you, Susan Christiana , experience religion and how you talk about it , I do not see how could you possibly turn anybody off ? With your instincts and your heart as it is, you are a living testimony that believing in God is celebrating the power of Love. I think people are often just confused about the definitions . They get caught up in an argument before they have even established what exactly they are talking about.

I believe Easter is the most significant Christian holiday. The time of Revival. Of a new beginning. Easter is about hope. About the Spring after a long and hard Winter. While X-mas is about the miracle of birth, Easter is about the much greater miracle, that of resurrection. Dying is not the end , there is life after it… Hope is our driving force. Hope in the time of hardship. Life is hard. Why do we keep going anyway? Because of hope. The promise.

See what you have done, blackened chicken recipe! Just how did you manage to get me holding a sermon here? Susan Christiana, lady, you are force to be reckoned with…