I can only imagine.


Sorry for butting in … couldn’t help myself. I just needed to confirm what Teri Jo has said (and I have highlighted) about having your back and not letting anyone attack you, Allison …

In my experience there is a whole lot of love, empathy and unconditional support for one another here on Medium.

Of course there are others as well. Trolls, haters, shady characters… start ups, self improvers… Do not misunderstand: start ups and self improvers are fine with me, only theirs are not the subjects or stories that have any appeal to me. I would never even notice if they were suddenly not published any more some day …

What truly gets me going, inspires me and awakens my love and affection are the honest soul baring texts on life, on dilemmas, on trials, struggles as well as joys we have as human beings. They are the only ones that might improve me as a person ( which is also not exactly my quest, but welcome if happens). Certainly I do not seek self improvement in an advice how to schedule my day or in the list of right habits and practices that would make a successful entrepreneur out of me.

What grabs me are the courage and the honesty to tell it like it is…

Naturally I also appreciate and admire good fiction , a story skillfully created out of nothing : the characters, the plot, the punchline, symbolism, metaphor, the humor… but that is another subject — I would not interrupt your conversation for that.

What I am trying to say is that good souls have a way of connecting in this vast ocean of words.

Needles in a haystack would also not be so proverbially hard to find if somebody had only thought of bringing a magnet along when looking for them…

There is some kind of magnet in this Medium haystack of ours that unmistakenly draws certain people together. What I love most is how these connections and friendships develop without us ever having laid eyes on one another … Disembodied souls and hearts touching just by that magnetic power that honest words have.

I know words can also lie, but it is not the case here. What reason, what interest would anybody have to lie here on Medium?

Another thing I love is this unwritten code we have on Medium: we never ask personal questions of one another. I do not really need to know how a person looks, where from, what age, what hair or skin color, not even the gender. Fine when voluntarily given, but none of these are necessary to really connect . What I get to read is quite enough to like and care for a person whose text appealed to me, touched me, made me laugh, or brought a flood of tears to my eyes. To be moved like that just by reading something is a wonderful thing and a great power to experience.

Well, this is all I needed to tell you girls at this moment. Once again, forgive the intrusion!