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Don’t you worry John,

I believe there are enough fine and intelligent people to be found on Medium you can engage in a meaningful and civilized discussion, have a few laughs together in the process, and even continue to respectfully disagree …

After all, what is the point of a discussion if you are expected to agree on everything, “or else…”

I don’t know about others, I seem to have no time managing skills…I keep running out of time even when I do nothing except…maybe just indulge in reading, my favorite occupation. Actually I call that “doing nothing” …

If you do have a bit of time, it might help to just always check a few previous posts of a person before you engage in a discussion . You can easily see whether you are setting yourself up for a load of abuse or whether it is going to be an interesting exchange on level, worth your while.

Got to run now…

Have a great day! ( It is morning in my time zone)

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